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truflow hub is here to simplify the logistics of music and arts


Truflow Hub is a division of the Truflow Group which also includes Truflow Media, a content creation and marketing company. Truflow Hub was established in 2011 and offers talent recruitment services, booking and development, visa processing for our clients, touring, and merchandising. We work with both local and international talents, showcasing their artistry and connecting them on a simplistic level to their fan base.  Our mission is to manage our clients and their projects from start to finish while building an outstanding reputation based on integrity and superior results.

Our goal is to implement a holistic strategy that allows our clients and fans to maximize their interaction. For us, it's more than just the performance and the fee attached to it, it’s about creating a formal affiliation between the client and their fans. We will create and produce, unique merchandise that fans can relate to, exciting pre and post event activities, that maximize the experience from a professional and financial perspective.  Another niche area we will explore is collaborations between U.S. and international talents.

The United States has the largest entertainment industry in the world by the billions. The demand for entertainment, artistic ingenuity and technological trends all combine to create a supercharged environment with supercharged fans. Our approach is to focus on fulfilling the demand for international talent in the U.S. market, especially in the coastal cities and sprawling metropolitan areas.

Truflow will tap into this technologically laced industry by developing accurate routing tools, social media analytics and integrated marketing solutions in order to deliver a seamless client experience. We aim to become the largest management, touring and merchandising company for international talent in North America. With our ability to create and nurture relationships between our clients and their fans, coupled with our model of persistence, creativity and excellence, we will deliver a world class experience.