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In order to tour and perform in the United States, performing artists are required to obtain an artist visa which allows them work and stay in the US for the entire duration of the visa or leave and return as frequently as needed without having to answer any uncomfortable questions from the U.S Customs and Border Patrol Officers as they return to the U.S. 

The visa classes that cover musicians, public figures and other performing artists are the P and O visa classes.

The process of getting an artist visa for an individual, individual with supporting personnel or a group can be expensive, overwhelming, and confusing. At Truflow Hub, we are dedicated to simplifying the process while bringing clarity with our tried, and tested processing system. We serve clients by offering:

  • Free consultation to determine the most appropriate visa class
  • Outlining the best supporting documents to meet the requirements of the selected visa class
  • Obtaining a written consultation from the appropriate labor union
  • Completing all forms, processing supporting documents, and submitting your packet to the United States Citizenship and Immigration services
  • Responding to any Request For Evidence (RFE)