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Franklyn's brand new album  Set Time  released August 25, 2017

Franklyn's brand new album Set Time released August 25, 2017


Chevelle Franklyn has emerged on the gospel music scene as one of the most outstanding Ministers of music. Her insight as a songwriter/producer, vocal capacity as a singer, and her anointing as a worshiper has ensured her success as a leading, international, multiple award-winning Psalmist.

As a child prodigy, Chevelle released her first single in her early teens. Called ‘Here I Am’ public reaction was instant and overwhelming, confirming that Chevelle was destined for a bright future music. Immediately a number of Jamaica’s top producers took an interest in Chevelles' development, nurturing and harnessing the incredible voice of this young artist. Pretty soon Ms Franklyn began to make a real name for herself in Jamaica’s vibrant dancehall culture scene.

Two decades ago in the 90’s her hits Dancehall Queen with Beenie Man and Mr. Lover Man with Shabba Ranks exploded onto the world scene and catapulted her to the “who’s who” in the music industry. “I was going to all these music industry parties the likes of Janet Jackson album launch in Paris and also Maria Carey’s but there was real void, one that I knew at the time that only Jesus could fill.

In 1998 tired of the emptiness and shallow lifestyle she was living, Chevelle suddenly found herself declaring on stage that she was going to change everything. Chevelle told a stunned audience that the next time they saw her singing it would be for Jesus and that she had decided to become a Christian. An emotional Chevelle finished her set by singing Kirk Franklin’s song, “Silver and Gold” on stage. Recalling the incident later she said, “I did not hear a message or anything, but I felt the calling of God. I just broke down on stage and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I knew there was something better out there.” Giving her life to the Lord meant ending all her secular contractual agreements, which included walking away from her international hit song ‘Dancehall Queen’ but Chevelle was confident that she had done the right thing.

A new type of success emerged, Chevelle successfully combined her faith with her voice, dedicating all her music to the glory of God only. A collaboration with Papa San in 2000, appearing on his album ‘Victory’. This led to a prestigious Marlin award for her vocals on the warm track ‘Touch from You’.

She wrote the first page in the history of her new lifestyle with her first gospel album, “Joy”- a co-production effort with Danny Brownie, for Mainstreet Records. The album stirred up an international storm when it was released in 2001, and led to a tour around the UK, the Caribbean and the USA.

Fast  forward to 2017 and Franklyn is out with a new 18 Track album Set Time which includes singles like I have A Father, featuring Grammy Award winning artist Pastor Donnie McClurkinand No Foreign god. The project also features another Grammy Awards winning artist Israel Houghton, South Africa’s iconic worship leader Lionel Peterson and one of Nigeria’s very best, Frank Edwards. 

Franklyn’s Set Time was released today, August 25, 2017 on all digital platforms worldwide.