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Born out of wedlock to teenage parents in war ravaged Liberia, West Africa. Jada was raised and adopted by her grandparents. Through them, she learned the value of hard work, education and faith in God.

By the special grace of God, she and her family escaped the clutches of war and emigrated to the United States. Once in the U.S., Jada flourished academically, appearing on ABC News, CNN Talkback Live, the Star Ledger Newspaper among others for her academic achievements.

It was in her freshman year of college when she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. After that relationship with Christ began, Jada began writing songs in her diary about the love of Christ and the greatness of who HE is.

Those songs in her diary would eventually become the songs on her debut album Remember the blood. Jada continued to minister through song at her local church and around the world, all the while getting married, starting a family, releasing her sophomore effort entitled When the trumpet shall sound, and starting and completing law school.

After a dark and tragic season in her life, the Lord instructed her to go back to the studio and write an album that would glorify him in every song. She did just that with her latest studio effort, Jesus Did It All. This album is chock full of exhortation and adoration to the King; as her platinum voice soars over the various world beats.

She is the worship leader and choir director of the Divine Voices of Christ Divine Healing and Deliverance Ministry under the leadership of Senior Pastors Jacob and Margaret Afere. Jada’s life is a testament of the greatness and kindness of God! She lives in New Jersey with her husband Stanley and two children, Naomi and Nehemiah.